Our Vision



Thanks for your interest in Trojans Pop Warner Football and Cheer.  We are entering the 7th year of our program and are excited about all that is to come. Pop Warner is the only youth sports program with an academic component and we are proud that our program is a national leader in this area. 

A few of our program accomplishments:

  • Mitey Mite District Championship - 2015
  • PW District Championship - 2016
  • PW District Championship - 2017
  • 2nd Most Little Scholars in the nation in 2017 and more than 70 scholar athletes recognized in 2018

Moreover, in 2017 our parent organization Hill Country Pop Warner was recognized as a Chuck Noll Hall of Fame "Game for Life Award" State Recipient! The honor is presented to youth football programs in every state that exemplify the values of football: safety, commitment, integrity, courage, respect, and excellence. We are the only recipient for the state of Texas! 

Trojans Pop Warner continues to be commited to the guiding principles of the Chuck Noll Award and we look forward to shaping the young women and men who come through our program. I welcome your feedback and encourage you to join us in 2018!

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