Trojans Pop Warner is #2 out of 536 associations in the ENTIRE United States for 2017 Academic All-American winners!


More important than our work on the field is our work in the classroom!

Pop Warner Little Scholars is the only national youth sports organization in America that requires its participants to perform adequately in the classroom before permitting them to play. We believe that the standards we have set give these children a sense of responsibility and an appreciation for academics and athletics that will help them develop later on in life.

Players who are Mitey Mite and up and who have a GPA of 93% or higher in the 2014/2015 academic school year are eligible to be a Pop Warner Little Scholar.

Players who are in 5th grade or higher and received a GPA of 96.5% or higher in the 2014/2015 academic year may complete the All American Application to be considered for this highly prestigious program.

Pop Warner All-American Scholar Program

In addition to our Little Scholars designees, last year Trojan Pop Warner had 50 kids in cheer and football who qualified to be a Pop Warner All-American Scholar

Being recognized as a Pop Warner All Americas Scholar ranks among the top 2% of all Pop Warner participants across the country. In order to qualify as a Pop Warner All American, a GPA of over 96% is required. Please note, this GPA requirement does not include the PE Grade into the calculation. This is a straight academic GPA Calculation. Qualifications are for JPW and PW levels only.

There is a banquet to honor all of the area's Little Scholars this spring - stay tuned for details.

The entire Trojan community is very proud of our 2017 Little and All-American Scholars! Trojans Pop Warner is #2 out of 536 associations in the ENTIRE United States for 2017 Academic All-American winners! This is a tremendous honor and an important focus of our program. 📚

2017 TPW Little Scholars:


Ian Rarick - Football - 6th grade

Kayla Kane - Cheer - 6th grade

Emersyn Pannell - Cheer - 5th grade


Kenneth Adkins III - Football - 6th grade

Brandon Canaday - Football - 6th grade

Frederick Dale - Football - 6th grade

Jesse Joseph - Football - 6th grade

Corbin Keller - Football - 6th grade

Luke Laibovitz - Football - 6th grade

Nathan Webb IV - Football - 6th grade

William Woodman - Football - 6th grade

Sage Allison - Football - 5th grade

Seth Crowley - Football - 5th grade

Ryan Dean - Football - 5th grade

Jaxon Gill - Football - 5th grade

Robert Hempfling III - Football - 5th grade

Owen Price - Football - 5th grade

Riley Foster - Cheer - 6th grade

Laney Haines - Cheer - 6th grade

Olivia Iles  - Cheer - 6th grade

Sophia Longoria - Cheer - 6th grade

Audrey Martin - Cheer - 6th grade

Paige Massengale - Cheer - 6th grade

Barbara Rowe - Cheer - 6th grade

Anne Small - Cheer - 6th grade

Mary Carolyn Smith - Cheer - 6th grade

Caroline Stephens - Cheer - 6th grade

Georgia Swann - Cheer - 6th grade

Sydney Ballak - Cheer - 5th grade

Maisy Groos - Cheer - 5th grade

Georgia Honza - Cheer - 5th grade

Georgia Timms - Cheer - 5th grade


Joseph Cunningham - Football - 6th grade

Karsten Fidler - Football - 6th grade

Cooper Meyer - Football - 6th grade

Sheppard Tyler - Football - 6th grade

Weston Wappler - Football - 6th grade

Ronald Wolleben - Football - 6th grade

Brady Gephart - Football - 6th grade

Cole Griffin - Football - 5th grade

William Hotz - Football - 5th grade

Tyler Jones - Football - 5th grade

Asher Kay - Football - 5th grade

Mcintosh Magruder - Football - 5th grade

Alexis Friedman - Cheer - 5th grade

Ava Gerlich - Cheer - 5th grade

Emma Gregorski - Cheer - 6th grade

Carly Halpern - Cheer - 6th grade

Gage Howard - Cheer - 6th grade

Lily Long - Cheer - 6th grade

Abigail Martin - Cheer - 6th grade

Isabella Nash - Cheer - 6th grade

Mia Phillips - Cheer - 6th grade

Alexandra Roll - Cheer - 6th grade