Registration for the 2018 SEASON launchED March 15 - REGISTER HERE

Our Spring Football Clinic and Uniform Fitting is April 29th at Anderson High School! 
Uniform Fitting: 3:00-6:00pm
Clinic: 6-7:30pm (Register for Clinic Here)
Parent Meeting / Player Safety Seminar: 6:00-6:45pm

Trojan Pop Warner Football - General Information

The Trojans Pop Warner Football program provides competitive youth tackle football for kids in Northwest Austin, with an emphasis on good sportsmanship, integrity and opportunity.  As the only national youth sports organization that requires scholastic aptitude to participate, Pop Warner is committed to developing young people on and off the field.  

We are a part of Hill Country Pop Warner, which was recently recognized as a Chuck Noll Hall of Fame Game for Life Award State Recipient! The honor is presented to youth football programs in every state that exemplify the values of football: commitment, integrity, courage, respect, and excellence. We are the only recipient for the state of Texas!

Moreover, our program has the second most Pop Warner Little Scholars in the nation. This is a huge focus of our program and we continue to work with our young men and women to do their best both on and off the field. Learn more about our vision here.

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.

— Vince Lombardi


Practices begin as early as August 1 and Trojans Pop Warner requires that players attend ALL practices in August. It is proven that this will ensure each player's safety and development in the succeeding weeks. Pop Warner mandates a given number of hours for conditioning and practice before players can put on their pads or participate in a game or scrimmage.

To meet the minimum requirement we practice four times a week - Monday through Thursday in August - and once school starts we practice three times per week for two hours. Each practice is up to 2.5 hours long. Each player is expected to attend ALL practices unless they are ill or have a required school event. It is difficult for players missing any of these practices to "catch up" to the rest of the team in terms of development and understanding. It also places an unnecessary burden on the coaching volunteers and takes away training and development time from the players that did attend. After Labor Day, actual weekly practice time will drop from 10 hours per week to 6 hours per week max. (Week is defined as Mon - Sun), and the max. drops to 2 hrs practice each day (break time does not count against each practice) - Pop Warner rules.

Where possible we recommend scheduling camps and trips for June and July so as not to conflict with the start of Pop Warner practices. However, we understand that many families have August commitments. Kids will have the chance to make up lost time in August and still enjoy a great season.

Regular Season

Regular season games are played on Saturdays with the season typically beginning the first weekend in September, Labor Day weekend, and running through the end of October. Playoffs for Junior Pee Wee and Pee Wee will begin the following week for those teams that qualify and can potentially run through the first week in December (National Championships in Orlando, FL). 

Game Locations

Games usually take place on Saturdays. When the season begins, we will play our home games at Murchison Middle School and Anderson High School, and away games on fields throughout central Texas. Game times and locations are assigned by the Hill Country Pop Warner organization. The schedule usually comes out just before the first game is to be played and is often changed during the season. Trojans Pop Warner has no control over the schedule - we encourage our teams to be flexible.

Practice Locations

Murchison Middle School.

Equipment and Costs

All players will need to have a helmet, shoulder pads, football pants, a practice jersey, and a mouth guard.  Rather than shopping around town for these items, we strongly recommend attending a Trojans Pop Warner Equipment Day. Kids will be properly fitted for helmets and shoulder pads (extremely important for player safety), and Trojans Pop Warner families will get better pricing than they could find at area retailers. We will email all registered families about the dates. 

We estimate that you can expect to spend $400-$500, including all gear and registration fees for a first time player.

Refund Policy

Full refund before the season starts. No refunds after that, except for extenuating circumstances that are voted on by the board.

Divisions - Ages and Weights

Age - A child's age on July 31st is his/her age for the season. 

Weight - Players will be weighed in at registration in the spring and again at the team meeting in the fall. If a player four or more pounds over the weight limit for their division at the fall weigh-in, they will move up to the next division and be placed on another team. 

In season one additional pound per week is allowed, i.e. 1 lb additional in weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, for a maximum of 4 lbs. There is one additional pound allowed at the Super Bowl. 

DivisionAgeCertification Weight
(min - max)End of Season Weight

Tiny-Mite5, 6 & 735 - 75 lbs.79 lbs.

Mitey-Mite7, 8 & 950 - 100 lbs.104 lbs.

Jr. Pee Wee8, 9 & 1065 - 115 lbs.119 lbs.

*(older / lighter)1165 - 95 lbs.99 lbs.

Pee Wee9, 10 & 1180 - 130 lbs134 lbs.

*(older / lighter)1280 - 110 lbs.114 lbs.

The asterisked provisions in each division allow for the so-called "older but lighter" player to also qualify. The last year of eligibility falls under more stringent weight restrictions.  

Tiny Mite

The Tiny Mite division introduces youngsters to the incredible game of football. Players will be in full pads and taught the basic rules, fundamentals, and skills needed to enjoy the game of football.  Teamwork and positive coaching will create the foundation so that these young players and their families will be able to enjoy this great game for years to come. 

This young division is popping up all over the country and the Trojans are excited about getting these little ones out on the field.  This division is a great way for parents to get involved with a great program and spend quality time with their children.

Rules for Tiny Mite Football include:

  • No Scoreboard – Games are played for fun and learning, not for the win or loss

  • play is on a shortened 80 yard field

  • teams will play two 25 minute halves (running clock) with a 10 minute half time

  • teams field full 11-man squads

  • there are no special teams (punts, kickoffs, etc.)

  • 8 game schedule concluding with a potential Bowl Game

Our goals for the Tiny Mite division include:


  • basic offensive and defensive terms and schemes
  • proper footwork skills (passing, running, blocking, etc.)
  • proper blocking techniques
  • proper tackling technique to prevent injury

As well as 

  • gaining agility and overall athleticism
  • experiencing what makes football so great…Being part of the team
  • gaining friendships with other players